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Reflecting on the Walla Walla Business Summit 2023: A Catalyst for Growth and Collaboration

The Walla Walla Business Summit 2023 brought together exceptional industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and forward-thinking organizations in a two-week multiformat event which, by all reports, exceeded expectations.

The summit provided a platform for local entrepreneurs, business and thought leaders to share their insights and expertise. From leveraging social media for lead generation to business continuity planning and just about everything in between, the workshops and interactive sessions offered attendees the opportunity to learn new skills, dive deep into specific topics, and gain value from the summit whether they were able to attend in person or not.

That’s right. Three of the sessions were held in person, hosted at the Marcus Whitman Hotel & Conference Center, The Courtyard by Mariott, and the Gesa Power House Theatre. But the majority of the sessions were virtual, making much of the Walla Walla Business Summit content accessible for entrepreneurs and business leaders throughout the Valley and beyond. This format also makes the content accessible via recording to you today!
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Walla Walla Business Summit supports new and start-up businesses with new track

One of the summit's highlights was micro-sessions specifically designed for new and start-up small businesses, presented by the Downtown Walla Walla Foundation. Three Walla Walla businesses that have achieved remarkable growth had the opportunity to share their journey (both the ups and downs). These case studies served as inspiration for fellow entrepreneurs and highlighted the potential within the local business ecosystem.

Additionally, there was a dedicated session about small business banking that was invaluable for even more established businesses. Kim Heidenrich of Columbia Bank gave a detailed overview of the documents a small business needs in order to establish their business banking account and provided tips for building your banking relations to support future expansion.

Fostering Collaboration and Community Engagement:

Beyond knowledge sharing, the summit fostered collaboration and community engagement. The buzz at all of the in-person sessions was palpable as attendees brainstormed, networked and collaborated, reinforcing the sense of unity and a shared vision for a thriving Walla Walla business community.


The Walla Walla Business Summit 2023 was an outstanding success, building on a track record of supporting the Walla Walla business community that began in 2014. By bringing together industry leaders, fostering collaboration, and providing a platform for knowledge exchange, the summit ignited a spark of inspiration and innovation. As attendees return to their businesses armed with fresh perspectives and newfound connections, the ripple effects of the summit are sure to fuel growth and elevate the Walla Walla business landscape for years to come. We are already looking forward to the summit in 2014!