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Small Business Guides and Information

Once your small business is up and running, the next exciting step in your entrepreneurial journey is creating and executing a plan to grow your business even further. Expanding a business can require seeking funding, hiring and training employees, opening new locations, and expanding to new markets, among many other things. Visit this page whenever you’re ready to tackle one or all of these new challenges with success.

Business Impact NW Grow Your Business
Business Impact Northwest

Business Impact NW offers free to low-cost classes and business coaching to help you grow your successful business. We serve ALL entrepreneurs, especially those from communities of color, women, veterans, immigrants and refugees, and LGBTQ+. We’re here to be your sounding board, advisers, and cheering section, your funding source and your access to resources.


Oregon Business Xpress - Grow Your Business
State of Oregon

Oregon's state agencies are available to help you start your business journey, or meet you where you are to help you expand, grow, and succeed


The Business Startup Playbook
StartUp Washington - Washington State Department of Commerce

The purpose of this playbook is to give you all the critical information you need to start and operate a business in Washington State, whether you’re starting out from scratch, buying an existing business, relocating your company, or opening an office or facility within the state’s borders.

ORIA - Grow your Business Guide
Governor's Office for Regulatory Innovation and Assistance

Expanding a business can require many different things, including money, employees, new locations, and new markets. Find the information you need to grow your business in Washington.

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Grow My Business